Monday, July 13, 2009

Becoming a Naked Monk

First I was too afraid. Fear was keeping me still. Then I replaced fear with love. Courage, enthusiasm and curiosity followed. I left off from Finland for a hitch-hiking tour around Europe.

Germany gave me food for thought in a variety of ways: People chasing money even more than in Finland. Rastafari and the like-minded people gathering for peace, love and unity in Summer Jam 2009, showing that another world is possible. "Just be" became the motto of my journey.

The Netherlands was a step for better. I fell in love with Utrecht, and now I know yet another city where I could easily stay. In Amsterdam I was mysteriously drawn to a book shop and left with "The power of now". Next morning a herbal breakfast gave me a chance to start experimenting with over-throwing the "mind" and being the real "me". My whole body reacted when the mind gave way for the person behind it. I could concentrate on minute details and live for a while without the restrictions set by the mind.

This experiment was good beginning for a journey to Croatia (through Germany, Austria and Slovenia). 18,5 hours of driving didn´t bother me. I enjoyed even the traffic jam, especially because it took place in the middle of Alps in Austria. Every waking moment was a bliss... and still is.

Croatia has been good for me. I have realized now that though I have been very values-driven person for years, there has been a major confusion on what is really me (within) and what is just artificial, external noise. I started wondering if I could re-establish my value-base in a very simplistic form, and take a more spiritual stance in living them every day.

Love, Peace and Joy capture what I am here for, and what is important for me. They all have to come from inside; from the being - not from external, temporary sources; not from the mind. If I love myself, find peace within and enjoy being me, it is easier for me to be all that I can be in my relationships and in the communities I live in.

I will continue this spiritual awakening through experimentation, relying in destiny and occasionally drawing insights from Buddhist, Rasta and Ubuntu teachings. Another world is possible, but it has to start from me.