Monday, May 25, 2009

A great day without money

(This is an imaginary story of someone refusing to use money and things going better than expected.)

“What an amazing individual.” I thought as my new friend Mark had just left the bar where he had insisted taking me. I had met him in a subway right after my pleasant conversation with the retiring inspector who had decided not to write me an inspection fee. Mark had overheard our conversation with the inspector and came to have a chat, wanting to know more of leading a life without money.

Now Mark had entertained me for a few hours with his sarcastic jokes, telling his life story in a very humorous manner. He had traveled the world free of charge himself – a little something he started on his hitchhiking honeymoon 15 years ago. Though I felt such a novice compared to him I was happy to hear his story, and get a few pints of free lager.

Sipping my beer I took a moment to reflect on the previous events of the day. I had turned down two job offers from other kind individuals because they would have wanted to pay with free food and accommodation. I had told both of them that I couldn’t take an offer for an offer – that I’d rather pay it forward. For a while I had felt a bit bad because they were so keen to help. Later I understood I had made the right choice because I got a third job offer – this time with agreeable terms. And what a job! From tomorrow onwards I would be teaching kids how to make websites – a combination of two of my passions; teaching and web design.

There was some good karma going on today. Even my lunch had been amazing. I had helped an elderly couple carry their luggage into a hotel. They had answered with a warm smile. I had never been to that hotel before so I decided to take a look around. As I was kneeling down in the garden and taking photos of the beautiful flower bench I heard someone approaching. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw she was an old friend of mine who I had not seen in five years or so. She was now a chef in this hotel and persisted I’d come and taste her delicacies. I learned she had learned all this in a remote Italian village where she had stayed for several years. Just before she had to attend to burning lasagna we exchanged numbers and she agreed to call me later this week so we could catch up more.

In the afternoon I had been wandering aimlessly checking the notice boards of grocery stores. This morning I had left my friend’s place where I had been couch-hopping for a week now. I had left him a note thanking for his generosity and explaining that I’d go and look for a place of my own. And there it was, right in front of my eyes: “Vacancy. Owner moving out temporarily. No rent.” I got the place instantly, in the phone, without even having to explain my situation. The owner was just wondering why no one else had called although the note had been on the wall for a week. Somehow things were going real smooth today.

As I gulped the last of my lager I noticed someone staring at me in the next table, giggling at my foamy nose. She was stunning! I felt so embarrassed and quickly wiped my face. Without asking she moved her chair next to me and introduced herself. I could hardly stutter my name. It was love at first sight. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be going home alone tonight.

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